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About Geo-Genie

Geo-Genie Ltd. provides a state-of-the-art application-generator that enables rapid customization and implementation of organizational, geo-centric information systems. This one-of-a-kind platform enables any organization to have an advanced GIS that includes customized workflows, management of user-hierarchies, integration with other organizational information systems, and much more.

Mr. Dor Yalon, Geo-Genie's CEO and CTO, brings in years of expertise and invaluable insights regarding the GIS market and information technology's challenges. These proficiencies provided the foundations for the Geo-Genie application-generator to take the “tailor made” information systems' customization challenges a step higher, setting new standards for productivity in the GIS industry. Geo-Genie's technology empowers the ArcGISTM Analysts, enabling them to integrate business rules, workflows and user hierarchies without using a programming language.

The Geo-Genie team brings together experienced professionals in the area of GIS with highly innovative developers. Together, this winning team has succeeded in developing a fully operational, GIS based, application generator, and is working on future applications which will expand the GIS world even further.