BrightSource Energy Project

GeoGenie Ltd. technology is been used in order to manage, measure and position, BrightSource Energy, 50,000 computer-controlled heliostats, or mirrors.

aip engBrightSource Energy is partnering with Alstom and NOY Infrastructure & Energy Investment Fund to build the 121 MW Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station in Israel’s Negev desert. The project is using Alstom’s experience in the field of turnkey power plants and key power equipment, with BrightSource’s advanced solar field technology.

Construction is underway and the facility is scheduled to be completed in 2017. When operational, the Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station will help Israel achieve its goal of having 10 percent of its electricity production from renewable energy sources by 2020.

The image shows the field management application based on the GeoGenie platform installed on a tablet PC. The application controls the heliostats placement management device, that is using 3 simultaneous GPS connections and digital level, in order to calculate optimum placement, azimuth and leveling. The management application includes barcode scanning and other mandatory attributes been entered for every heliostat and uploaded to BrightSource Energy main database.