2. What makes Geo-Genie a one-of-a-kind geo-centric information system?

The Geo-Genie integrator can generate designated, geo-centric information systems for any organization, within a very short time (just a few days!), and, without programming. The Geo-Genie platform enables process customization to fit exactly to the particular organization's needs. The system supports advanced operations, such as: “Bill of Materials” tasks, assignment of tasks between users, “one-to-many” hierarchy structures, hierarchical control of users, history tracking, and much more.

3. What is the technological environment that Geo-Genie requires?

Geo-Genie operates in an ESRI ArcGISTM environment; however, users do not need ArcGISTM installation. In order to implement/integrate a full, tailor-made, geo-centric information system, you will need one standard ArcGISTM license, and, for each user's computer: Geo-Genie Virtual Machine, as well as ArcGISTM Engine Runtime.