Geo-Genie – The Next Generation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The heart of the Geo-Genie application is a software engine that had been developed in recent years, with a revolutionary approach. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it enables a System Analyst (no need to be a Programmer) to rapidly generate a sophisticated, enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). The platform facilitates building a customized architecture or application, which can integrate with any organization's complex information system.

The Challenges of GIS Customization:
  • All available GIS applications are generic tools (such as ArcGISTM and other "Geographic Excels") which contain analysis tools & complex development kits (SDK)
  • Most organizations need to build procedural information systems that integrate between alphanumeric data to the geographic dimension
  • Huge resources (time & money) are consumed to tailor/program the GIS software to organizations' needs
  • Requires expertise and vast skills in the field of GIS (another tier of complexity)
  • High maintenance costs
  • Requires separate development for multiplatform (Desktop, Internet, Cellular, Tablet)
Geo-Genie in 3 Simple Steps


Introducing Geo-Genie: A State-of-the-Art GIS Application Generator
Advantages for the End-User:
  • Customized workflow, user friendly and direct data-entry (even in the field) with connectivity to any GPS device
  • Can be used by anyone (no technical background, field surveying, ArcGISTM, or AutoCAD knowledge needed)

Advantages for the Integrator:
  • No code (programming) or scripting needed
  • No compilation needed | One-time Geo-Genie Virtual Machine installation
  • Full organizational control model (user hierarchies & permissions)
  • Cloud compatible architecture
  • Fully compatible with ESRI ArcGISTM and AutoCAD