AIP - Africa Irrigation Projects

"The setup of the Geo-Genie 'engine' to fit our complex and highly-detailed Angola (Africa) water pipes' management system, took only one week. We have been using Geo-Genie for over a year, and harvest an immense improvement in the effectiveness of our daily operations."

Ran Tzhori, CEO | AIP - Africa Irrigation Projects

National Photographic
National Photographic

"Being in the field of Geo Data Acquisition for 20 years, I generate small ArcGISTM viewing applications for varied industries; ArcGISTM is an "Excel-like" system, which, without programming, has limited integration abilities. Geo-Genie's innovative platform enables me to quickly provide programming-free, designated and sophisticated organizational Information Systems to my customers."

Oshrit Turjeman, CEO | National Photographic